Hexagon Solid Waste, which plans to gradually put into use its new production facilities until 2017, signed a 95 million-dollar credit agreement in May 2015 with IFC (International Finance Corporation), which is a World Bank Group company, to provide financing for the construction and operation of these facilities. After the credit agreement made with IFC, the success of Hexagon Solid Waste in urban transformation received the recognition of "Highly Commended", which is considered as second place award, on the night of “Transformational Business Conference & Awards 2015” organized by FT (Financial Times) and IFC on 11 June 2015 in London with its motto "Accelerating of Sustainable Urban Transformation". This year's awards of the organization, in which long-term business initiatives producing transformative solutions for the environment and achieving a significant breakthrough against social and corporate governance challenges were evaluated, have covered 191 projects that came from 167 organizations, including a total of 140 countries.

UN Paris

2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21 or CMP11 was held between the dates of 30 November – 12 December 2015 in Paris.

“Caring for Climate Business Forum”, which was organized by this conference annually for the third time and has brought together many different stakeholders on the same platform, was held on 7 – 8 December 2015 in Nelson Mandela Auditorium located in Paris Le Bourget. On the first day of the forum, in the panel entitled ”What will it take to scale up climate-smart investments in emerging markets?” Hexagon Consulting Board Chairman Jan Nahum also gave a speech. Director of Climate Change at IFC Christian Grossman, who has supported 600 climate-related investments since 2005 with a budget of over 13 billion-dollar, stated in his letter that he sent Jan Nahum about his participation in the conference and his speech that the business model of Hexagon Solid Waste is inspiring. Grossman, who drawn attention to the fact that the information conveyed by Jan Nahum about the transformation of municipal waste to energy and fertilizer, was listened by business people, politicians and a broad participation- financial community, stated that he wishes Jan Nahum's leadership and innovative approach to give inspiration to broader business communities in sense of initiatives related to climate change.


Hexagon Solid Waste; was among eight companies selected to “1st Private Innovation Circle” realized on the first day of “14th Credit Suisse Salon” held in London on 24 October 2014 with the participation of international opinion leaders and influential business leaders. Within the scope of the program introduced for the first time, the companies were evaluated in terms of innovative business ideas, revenue generation potential and management records. The eight selected companies were mostly determined from the areas such as Environmental Sustainability and Waste Management, Health and Medicine, Media and Technology and Demography, and Real Estate. Board Chairman Jan Nahum also made a speech on behalf of Hexagon Solid Waste which took place as one of the eight companies defined as transformational and interesting by “1st Private Innovation Circle” which was established to evaluate the ideas of today's business people operating in these sectors. A thank-you note was sent to Mr.Nahum by Solution Partners Global Chairman John Zafiriou who stated that they transform municipal waste -they collected- into electricity and the compost usable in agriculture. In his letter, Zafiriou stated that Credit Suisse’s many customers who participated in the organization are interested in making investment in a company like Hexagon Solid Waste. With the launch of “1st Private Innovation Circle”, Credit Suisse targets to encourage the development of new business connections by bringing together innovative, leading company owners, company presidents and CEOs to convey their initiatives and to establish a mutual relation.

Growtech İnovasyon Tarım Ödülleri

HEXAFERM,has been granted with the award in “Plant Nutrition & Protection” category in “Growtech Innovation Agricultural Awards” held every year since 2010 under the scope of Growtech Eurasia as the largest agricultural fair in Turkey. A total of 19 projects participated in the competition which included five different categories namely; “Greenhouse Technologies & Irrigation”, “Plant Nutrition & Protection”, “Agricultural Machines & Technologies”, “Seed, Seedling” and “Agricultural Information Technologies”. The most significant reason behind this award is the fact that half of the fertilizers of the company is comprised of the compost produced from the organic materials collected by the company and half of the products are comprised of the plant nutritions used for enriching this compost.

The HEXAFERM products which are rich in organic material, humic-fulvic acid and microbiological activity both rehabilitates the earth and allows the plants to benefit from the plant nutritions inside the soil, thereby the chemical nutrition requirement is decreased to half the level without any yield loss. This is characterized as the fourth agricultural revolution since it provides the opportunity to increase the agricultural productivity with half the chemical nutrients.